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This is a Bio-remedial premium powdered cotton linter absorbent for the safe collection and disposal of oil spills.

  OIL SPONGE - is a natural material that very quickly absorbs up to 600% of its own weight in liquid, oil based products and pollutants. It is a perfect emergency response solution for anyone who comes into contact with spills of diesel fuel, oil, and any other hydrocarbon or oil-based products, such as paint.

OIL SPONGE - Bio remedial premium absorbent is a natural cotton-based product, which holds up to 8 times more oil or liquid than diatomaceous earth or clay granules. It removes oil spills in seconds. Purchase Oil Sponge and you can implement an instant "Clean floor policy".

Unlike many other products Oil Sponge will not allow the entrapped oil to wash out when it becomes wet, therefore stopping further contamination.
OIL SPONGE - works, by encapsulating the oil, rather than simply absorbing it, which means the oil is prevented from leaching into the ground.
It is the only known absorbent being manufactured today that has been inoculated with hydrocarbon digesting microbes and nutrients.
The naturally occurring microbes biodegrade the hydrocarbon oil by means of bio-remediation producing harmless inert natural gasses, water and nutrients.
It is especially efficient on factory floors where a safe, quick and cost effective clean up is required.

OIL SPONGE - is effective at bio-remediation of oil-contaminated topsoil up to 450mm deep by tilling into the soil where it then digests the hydrocarbons.

OIL SPONGE - may also be incinerated and, as a fuel source, will contribute approximately 7,000 BTU/lb. during the incineration process.
OIL SPONGE - contains no clay, produces no toxic emissions and yields little ash when incinerated.

SOME OF THE MANY LIQUIDS ABSORBED BY OIL SPONGE INCLUDE:-: Alcohol, Crude Oil, Cutting Oils, Diesel Fuels, Gasoline, Jet Fuels, Kerosene, Motor Oils, Oil Based Paints, Oil Based Inks, Oil Based Drilling Fluids, Paraffin Oil, Solvents, Water Flocculating Agents, ALSO: Blood, cooking oils, juices, milk, tea & coffee etc.

APPLICATION - Oil Sponge is suitable for manual application and should be finely applied across the whole surface area of the spill. Brush over the contaminated area to ensure encapsulation of ALL liquid then remove. Ideal for small or large spills in factories or garages and bilge water cleaning on board boats.

  • Avoid inhalation of dust.
  • Sufferers from nut allergies should be aware that this product contains ground Pecan husks.
  • See Health & Safety Data Sheets for full details.

Comparison of Bio-Sol Oil Sponge and Clay products

Bio-degradable NOT bio-degradable
Low disposal costs High disposal costs
Will bio-remediate NOT bio-remedial
Incinerable (low ash) NOT incinerable
Instant liquid absorption SLOW absorption
NON leaching (encapsulates to saturation) Leaches (liquids can be squeezed out)
NO sheen (dry floors) Leaves sheen on floors (slippery conditions)
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