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The Place for Environmentally Friendly Biological Solutions to:-

  • - Septic tank treatment and maintenance-

  • - Kitchen surface cleaning and grease/oil removal -

  • - Oil stain removal on concrete floors, patios and drives -

  • - Grease trap cleaning and maintenance -

  • - Biological Effluent treatment -

  • - Descale and odour control for toilets -

  • - Land Remediation -

  • - Hygenic Sanitiser for bacteria control -

  • - Energy saving lubricant for vehicles and machinery -

Latest Biological Technology offers solvent free cleaning

A new range of biological solutions is available from Bio-Sol.co.uk
The Bio products do not react the same way as the traditional products that you have used before.
In the concentrated form Bio-Sol products contain dormant enzymes and surfactants.
When diluted with water the enzymes "wake up" and look for oil, grease or fat to digest.
Bio-Sol products are NOT solvents or bleach and they work by breaking down the molecular structure
that binds dirt to the support. The results are stunning.


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From Outside Great Britain :-
Phone: 44 1625 574523

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