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The Place for Biological Cleaning and Fuel Saving Solutions

Biological Technology offers solvent free cleaning

A new range of biological cleaners is available from Bio-Sol.co.uk
Bio cleaners do not react the same way as the traditional cleaners that you have used before.
In the concentrated form Bio-Sol cleaners contain dormant enzymes and surfactants.
When diluted with water the enzymes "wake up" and look for grease or fat to digest.
Bio-Sol products are NOT solvents or bleach and they work by breaking down the molecular structure that binds dirt to the support.
The results are stunning.

Bio-Sol Superclean

Ideal for deep cleaning and daily maintenance. Bio-Sol Superclean is suitable for the safe removal of fats, grease, dirt and oils from all types of hard surfaces .


Bio-Sol Deepclean Floor Cleaner.
A powerful non-foaming powder for porous floors. Bio-Sol Deepclean Floor Cleaner is suitable for removing oils, fats and greases by manual application or with scrubber dryers, rotary brush and injection extraction machines.


Bio-Sol Deepclean for Hydrocarbons Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner
Similar to Deepclean but can cope with a more severe situations such as the removal of used mineral and vegetable oils.
Also degreasing for cleaning porous and coated factory and garage floors.
Ideal as a maintenance cleaner or to prepare floors for painting or sealing.

Oil Sponge

A natural cotton-based product, which holds up to 7 times more oil or liquid than diatomaceous earth or clay granules.

Grease Trap

Bio-Sol Grease Trap maintains clean, odour free grease traps.
Bio-Sol Grease Trap Cleaner sticks to the grease in the trap and rapidly degrades it into its basic mineral elements, water and gas.

Septic Tank

Septitank Septic Tank Treatment Septitank maintains or reactivates septic tanks and small effluent treatment works. Prevents blockages and eliminates foul odours. Efficient biological action encourages the degradation and the remediation of the sludge that accumulates in the bottom of the tank.


A unique Non-Toxic Hypoallergenic Sanitiser, suitable for direct application to work surfaces and storage trays containing foodstuffs.


Descales, degreases and deodorises, showers, basins and toilet drains. Descales and degreases pipes. No need for urinal blocks or perfume sprays.

Toilet Smart

Special product specifically for Countries without a sewage infrastructure.

"Energy Saving Lubricant"

- Power Saving Technology

Whether it is more miles to the gallon you want or less kilowatts to run the factory "ESL" can be added to most oils and the result will be that you pay less and reduce the running costs.

The polarised molecular lubrication technology typically gives a 4 to 10% kW reduction on rotating and reciprocating machinery.


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